Abdullah Al-Litheeth Abdullah Al-Litheeth
Country: Kuwait

Abdullah is a young artist born in Kuwait. He expresses his art by sketching current world events with a twist. His work is original, creative and bold.

Aetoric Design Aetoric Design
Country: Pittsburgh, PA. USA

Aetoric Design is graphic designer Jacob Campbell. His designs reflect his deep passion for his calling, particularly for designing shirts. His personal designs display a whimsical quirkiness. He tailors his custom designs to his clients’ needs and personalities.

Amnah AlSarraf Amnah AlSarraf
Country: Kuwait

Art has been and always will be a big part of my life; I see art in everything, everyday and everywhere. Ever since I was a little girl, my mother has influenced me and inspired me to create my own work. I am a student at the American University of Kuwait, majoring in graphic design. As I began to experiment and explore in the world of colors, my passion for art began to develop and grow.With every brush stroke, the canvas became my sanctuary, my escape, and my safe haven. My two favorite artists are Salvador Dali and Gustav Klimt. My work is mostly associated with Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism, and I tend to include an Arabic-Islamic touch to express my identity and embrace the painting.

Anfal AlBaksami Anfal AlBaksami
Country: Kuwait

Anfal Al-Baqsami is a 19-year-old self-taught Kuwaiti artist, currently studying at the American University of Kuwait. Her art is based on a mixture of cultural and modern inspiration, which she depicts through the use of mixed media.

Country: South Korea

Graphic Designer, Freelance Illustrator, T-Shirt and Toy Designer. He designed for NIKE USA and Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

CAP-388 CAP-388
Country: Spain

CAP-388 is Alvaro Cabeza, a young, creative, multidisciplinary designer and illustrator in Spain. His major influence is hip-hop culture, lifestyle, street art, music, and films. Working both digitally and manually, his style combines his love for both illustration and typography. Inspired by real-life experiences, his highly detailed compositions work excitingly well by recreating what’s in his imagination. His work has been featured in such international magazines as Blanket, And I Still Miss You, Inkult,Megazyne, and 24Siete.

Casajordi Casajordi
Country: France

French artist George Bousquet, Casajordi uses a variety of image manipulation techniques to create his wildly inventive pieces from an exhaustive supply of found imagery. Vintage photos, books, magazines, greeting cards..pretty much anything can be snipped and scanned and imported into Photoshop where he is able to assemble the surreal visions born within his mind. Like other great collage artist, it is that specific artistic vision and the unique manner with which a single image can be combined with other images to create a brand new and unique piece that extends well beyond the original purpose of anyone image.

D4N13L D4N13L
Country: Bolivia

With a BA in graphic design, Daniel Sotomayor is a 29-year-old art director for several advertising agencies in his home town of Cochabamba. Married and the proud father of three children, he loves life and designing. He first started designing shirts as a hobby when he was 16. About five years ago he started looking for new and innovative approaches to shirt design and discovered a couple of designing communities. This hooked him and he has been concentrating on shirt design since then, becoming noticed in various places, which has made him determined to make his designs known globally.

Dampa Dampa
Country: Philippines

aka Danmir Mercado is an Architecture student who is also into Graphic Design. Danmir also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

Dana Abdal Dana Abdal
Country: Kuwait

Danah Abdal is a designer based in the State of Kuwait. Her work celebrates cultural hybridity through various forms, and is very much inspired by moments in which tradition and contemporaneity collide. As an Arab trained in the United States she has grown to understand the complexities of East and West, but always to her advantage. It is often a challenge to make these worlds commensurable through visual language, and yet it is precisely this impossibility which Danah thrives on. She is a designer who comprehends difference. In two dimensional form her work negotiates between vector line and calligraphers stroke. In three dimensions, between industrial design and fine craftsmanship. As a young designer with an astute way of thinking she's developed quite rapidly developed within the industry. Her emotional intelligence vis-a-vis good eye have unfailingly guided her through her processes as not just a creative, but also extremely social designer.

Defame Defame
Country: Missouri, USA

Sam Mills is an entrepreneur and an accomplished artist who has won awards for drawing and painting. Helives in the greater St. Louis area and works as an apparel designer and afreelance artist working with sculpture, drawing, painting and mixed media. Well-known abstract and surreal artist Jan Groenemann took him under her wing as an apprentice for many years. Sam has been featured in many art shows, solo gallery exhibitions, festivals and art walks. Sam also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”..

dh-c dh-c
Country: Kuwait

We are a multidisciplinary design studio that aims to work with different professionals, concepts, and processes, to find new ways of reconfiguring, understanding and representing the different realities we live in.  Qumooth and OMEBY are our brain children. They inspire apparel and accessories as well as art work and different ways of meaningful social interactions. The firm is slowly but surely venturing into projects in the fields of architecture, furniture, graphic, and industrial design.  

Free Agent 08 Free Agent 08
Country: Philippines

Designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

Country: Kuwait

Hakka is inspired by vibrant colors and simplicity. Hakka also designs Local Tees ads. and website pictures.

HbyF HbyF
Country: Kuwait

Fahad started designing and styling because of his passion for fashion and shoes in general. His first collection started by designing shoes for himself where he was approached by a local store to re-brand and design his first shoes collection. Fahad’s first collection was debuted in 2010. My craft is my art, and I understand the power of clothes and shoes, what it can do for you mentally and how it can change your personal taste, this to me is without doubt a very powerful tool to compliment your living.

Hero Mujahid Hero Mujahid
Country: Indonesia

Hero Mujahid designs under the name Heronotdie. His distinctive designs are tough, bizarre, gothic, and even apocalyptic.

Country: Costa Rica

I am a young artist born in Costa Rica, student of Advertising and Architecture which love art design and freedom. In my 25 years old I get inspired in nature, thinking how art lives inside animals, plants, in a deep forest. I adore working with my hands looking how colors, shapes, ideas and even the sounds are placed in each artwork. I am actually working on my own brand based on origami designs, Lube Origami is a new project with love in it which combines part of the Japanese culture with the Costa Rican culture. HJRP also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

Jason Quilang Jason Quilang
Country: Philippines

ason is into Digital Art, Illustration and Pattern Design.  "I lovewhat I love and I do what I love to do / yehey" Jason also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

Jassim Al-Saddah Jassim Al-Saddah
Country: Kuwait

Jassim is a practicing architect and digital artist with a keen interest in local culture, folklore (both visual and oral), patterns, geometry, and materials. He is a graduate of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. He is also is the other half of Mirzam Manifesto which is an art & culture initiative that focuses on creating collaborations between various creative professions resulting in an exhibition. His future ventures include solo art exhibitions, folklore books focusing on the region, product design and culinary collaborations. Jassim also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”

Jimmy Bryant (AtomicChild) Jimmy Bryant (AtomicChild)
Country: United Kingdom

Jimmy has been drawing on everything since he was a little kid. While in school he was constantly in trouble for doodling all over everyone's assignments. He decided that college was his chance to get away from his family’s small farm, and after graduating he worked long hours doing editorial illustrations for newspapers and magazines across the United States. After three years of this he discovered t-shirt design, and known as AtomicChild has designed t-shirts and hats for all sorts of websites. He also designs for bands, both highly popular ones and ones that are in the process of becoming so.

Country: Kuwait

JME is a self-taught designer, he gets his inspirations from the vintage era. He art directed Local Tees photo shoots.  JME also Designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection "HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT".

Joe Rainworks Design Joe Rainworks Design
Country: United Kingdom

Joe Rainworks is Joe Lau, a multimedia student at Nottingham Trent University. Since childhood he has been interested in art in all its forms, from music to paintings to audio-visual. His passions are designing and photography, and he derives deep enjoyment by working alone for long periods to create new art.  He also plays in a band called With Silent Eyes, providing him with a first-hand perspective on the music scene.

JSCollab JSCollab
Country: kuwait

Collaboration between two artists who are into collage, they explored a diverse array of mixed media techniques and mediums.  Their art is mindful of the moment, deep and appreciative of line and time passing.

Kookee Jeejoh Kookee Jeejoh
Country: kuwait

Kookee Jeejoh is a 30-year-old Kuwaiti. He is not like you, yet he is very much like you. You probably wouldn’t get along, though, because he doesn't like many people. These images are part of a larger explorative collection created with many media that addresses the ongoing global cultural cataclysm and inevitable cultural hybridization within this part of the world. Most of his work uses modified forms of re-appropriated imagery, pop cultural and religious iconography, and an arguably degraded hybrid of colloquial Arabic and English as parts of its core communicative instruments.  These are currently part of a collection called The Current State of Humanity, a title re-appropriated from a chapter in a book about evolving human consciousness.

KrispyCrime™ KrispyCrime™
Country: NYC

KrispyCrime™ is Kevin M. Charles, a freelance illustrator and designer who creates custom illustrations and designs for apparel prints, and also posters and album art. Usually with a quirky sense of artistic humor.

Lewis Chandley Lewis Chandley
Country: United Kingdom

Lewis Chandley is a graphic designer and illustrator based in the UK who has recently started working within the world of t-shirt design. His designs tend to be characterized by both clean lines and intricacy. He has worked with many clients in addition to, including SONY.

Love Raccoons Love Raccoons
Country: United Kingdom

Currently based in Brighton, Deborah did her degree at Norwich University of the Arts where she graduated with a 2:1 and a hunger to get creating. Originally starting out life under pseudonym's Love Raccoons Illustration and Raccoon Press, Deborah now simply works under her own name with the same quirky style and traditional products.

Lydia Swee Lydia Swee
Country: Malaysia

Lydia Swee is Malaysian fashion designer graduated fromwell-known Raffles Design Institute. During her time in college, besides beingprimarily focused on women’s wear fashion she has also expressed interest and developed skills in graphic design. As a result print designs take a big part in her design development process.  Lydia also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

Matt Borchert Matt Borchert
Country: Minneapolis, USA

Matt Borchert is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Minneapolis, MN.   He enjoys exploring the contrasts between the organic and geometric shapes of the world and combining them in unique ways.   Matt's work also typically has a strong focus on color and texture to give the artwork more depth and excitement.

Monsieur Pimpant Monsieur Pimpant
Country: Belgium

Monsieur Pimpant is Nicolas Marcon, a French comic artist living in Belgium. He had worked in the barbering industry for a long time. Now he draws.

Nadia Nadia
Country: Kuwait

A designer inspired by old Kuwaiti quotes & sayings; creativity with a twist.

Rachel Caldwell Rachel Caldwell
Country: Philadelphia, USA

Rachel Caldwell, who also works as Thirsty Fly, is the daughter of realist painter Edward Gordon. When she smeared her finger through one of her dad’s almost complete oil paintings when she was seven years old it was clear that she was destined for art school. In college she studied printmaking, drawing, and graphic design, earning a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania,where she won a national Clio award in advertising. Since 1997 she has been a design director for a large financial company where she has to wear a suit almost every day. She began drawing more seriously in 2006 and started a freelance illustration career. Her clients include Fender Musical Instruments, Shirt. woot,Threadless, and Urban Outfitters. Her goal is to use clean lines and movement to achieve a visual experience that s beautifuland serene, with dreamlike elements oft he strange or surreal. She takes things from real life and combines them with such unexpected surprises as replacing owl feathers with ligatures ,swashes, or both. She lovesto take advantage of opportunities to exaggerate, employing complex linework in creating flowing hair, graffiti, or exposed muscles, and hopes herviewers find a combination of beauty and amusement in her concepts and subject matter.

Saba Al Fadhalah Saba Al Fadhalah
Country: Kuwait

Saba is a Freelance Painter, Graphic Designer and Photographer. She did the Photography for Local Tees 1st Collection.

Sarah Ogren Sarah Ogren
Country: Chicago, IL. USA

Sarah Ogren is a Mixed Media Artist, Life Coach, and Educator who resides in the far Chicago Northwest suburb of Crystal Lake, IL. Ogren creates playful original collage works as well as mixed media sculptures and assemblage jewelry. Her whimsical style is popular with collectors, designers, retailers, children, and the young at he art. Ogren is also an accomplished academic with earned Master’s degrees in Digital Imaging from Governor’s State University in Illinois and a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Webster University. Ogren coaches artists, small business owners, and other free thinkers on their personal and professional goals. She also teaches avariety of mixed media art workshops throughout the year. Ogren has been featured in such publications as Belle Armoire, Art Doll Quarterly and is currently licensed through Urban Outfitters.

Country: Kuwait

Abdalla is a graphic designer and visual artist from Kuwait.He is heavily influenced by the use of geometry, and draws inspiration from basic shapes.  Popular culture, music, and humor also play part in his creative process.

TenTimesKarma TenTimesKarma
Country: Philippines

Antonio Ismael A. Sandiego, aka, TenTimesKarma is a graphic designer fromthe beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. Antonio believes that karma always comes tenfold (hence the name), whether good or bad, and having experienced both, tries to do more good than bad in his day to day life. Heavily influenced by the world of music, you can hear him blasting avariety of tunes from rock-heavy Deftones to the hauntingly melodic music of Bon Iver while working on an inspiration or a commission. Most of his artworks have been printed in different clothing brands from around the world and has been featured in international books such as Semi Permanent 2012, Visual Arabia 2013 and The Generation T book. TenTimes Karma also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

Thisisheat Thisisheat
Country: France

aka Maxence Marolleau from Perpignan, France. Self taught Graphic Designer. Maxence also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

Threadhead29 Threadhead29
Country: Minnesota, USA

Jordan Lee is a young designer from Minnesota, USA. Jordan have been designing for years and specialize in photo manipulation, character design, and tee shirt design. Jordan Lee also designed for Local Tees Exclusive Collection “HARVEY NICHOLS KUWAIT”.

William Henry Design William Henry Design
Country: New Jersey, USA

William Henry Design is a graphic designer named Bill Pyle, who has more than seven yearsof experience in graphic design, more than four of them specializing in apparel and merchandise design. His personal designs are edgy and exciting and heal ways tailors his custom work to his clients’ needs and personalities. When not designing he likes to watch cartoons, skate, collect toys, read comics, and playvideo games.

Country: KUWAIT

Local Tees Basic Line started in 2013 with a vision to introduce non-graphical tees fashion-forward cuts and fabrics.The basic line is selected using top quality fabrics known for their soft cotton blends and innovative styles.Local Tees basic is an exclusive collection with limited quantities each season.

Country: Hamburg, Germany

My name is Antoni Tudisco and was born and raised in Germany by my Filipina mother and my Italian father. I’m a fan of extraordinary things ever since I was a child. I had my own world as a kid. I started to sketch during lessons when I was attending elementary school, [and] I didnt really listen to the teacher i just drew and skribbled. I guess that characteristic of mine developed into being creative and original today. The first time I heared about the Adobe Softwares, I left no stone unturned and learned every command all by myself. Since then, Adobe and me were like best friends. We were inseparable. Then I tried taking another step [up] and tried doing 3D designs and videos. It was hard at first because i had to understand and do everything all alone, but because of hard work and enthusiasm, it turned out to be a success… I developed my own website where I present my work. After that, i got the attention of other artists, agents and agencies. After recieving my diploma at the age of 18, I got loads of projects and requests from some major clients such as MTV, BMW, MINI, Wella, KLM and many more.

Noha Al-Refai Noha Al-Refai
Country: KUWAIT - NYC

Noha Al- Refai is a Kuwaiti architect currently pursuing a masters in Fashion Design in Parsons School for Design in New York City.    Growing up in a multicultural household allowed for greater ways of self expression and exposure to different music, art, and dance at a young age. Al Refai found solace in books as a child and became an avid reader and book collector as an adult. Among her other greatest passions are architecture, art, interior design, furniture design, and fashion design

Charmaine & Ellie Charmaine & Ellie

Charmaine and Ellie is the creation of calligrapher Charmaine from New York and illustrator Ellie from London, now both living in Kuwait. Our work is heavily inspired by the richly cultured country of Kuwait, and we use our work to show what we love most about living in the desert. We mix Arabic with English, and the East with the West. We work with watercolour and ink, printing on canvas or watercolour paper, to create limited edition runs of prints. Currently our prints are for sale at Pink Moon boutique and directly through instagram @charmaineandellie.

Abdulaziz AlAmeer Abdulaziz AlAmeer
Country: Kuwait

Calligrapher and painter. Many of his works written and artistic innovative art of painting in words (Taibograve) winner of the best design for the helmet respond Bull cars Formula 1 team Alanvinetti is the first Arab artist to enter the art of calligraphy for this global design and also his design company Starbucks Global. He also has artistic activities in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East. And it is one of the most prominent artists, influential art scene

Bader AlMutawa Bader AlMutawa
Country: Kuwait

Interested in anything related to art, his specialty is with oil painting.Bader is a banker and his stress reliever is painting and art.

Sarah Al-Falah Sarah Al-Falah
Country: Kuwait / Minnesota

Sarah is a graphic designer, researcher, and educator with an MFA in Visual Communication Design from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, USA). She is currently a Doctoral candidate in Design at the University of Minnesota. Her design practice is focused on design experimentation and play and her research is focused on design education and bringing the concept of play and playfulness into the classroom. Sarah's future involve a treehouse studio, donuts, and lots of colors!

Muneera Al Ayyar Muneera Al Ayyar
Country: Kuwait


Local Tees x Montebelo Local Tees x Montebelo
Country: Kuwait / Germany

Kristina Egle Kristina Egle
Country: Kuwait / Lithuania

Kristina Egle is a Lithuanian born womenswear fashion designer and an artist. Kristina earned a BA womenswear degree from the reputable London College of Fashion. She has spent over a decade living in London, which has influenced her work to be more culturally aware. Kristina’s artistic work has become more inspired by the Middle Eastern style and traditions after her move to Kuwait in 2015.

Ricardas Blazukas Ricardas Blazukas
Country: Kuwait / Lithuania

Ricardas Blazukas is an independent artist and a practicing architect who was born and raised in post-soviet Lithuania, educated in the UK and currently residing in Kuwait. Ricardas is an eclectic artist whose work portfolio ranges from large scale murals, abstract paintings and installations to cast sculpture and ceramics. His work is influenced by architecture, sculpture and geometry combined with urban themes - graffiti, typography and colour

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