Basma Amin Basma Amin
Country: KSA

Basma Amin is an extraordinary artist. Her art brings nothing but joy to everyone who lays eyes on it! Basma started coloring in 7th grade. But back then all she did was try to find the best matching colors to color the little squares in her math copybook. The doodling she does now started in high school and started to slowly change as years went by.

Aysha Al-Houli Aysha Al-Houli
Country: Kuwait

Growing up Aysha loved collecting coloring pencils and sketchbooks.This fascination has continued to her adulthood where you can stillfind her sketching different objects and random scenes from hereveryday life.Aysha graduated from Kuwait University with a Bachelor's Degree inGraphic Design. She's specialized in branding, typography andillustration. She worked with Khaleejesque Magazine, Raw Design Studioand Thooq Magazine and worked on numerous illustrations as well asbranding projects. And currently she's working as a freelancer!

Essa Ramadan Essa Ramadan
Country: Kuwait / San Francisco

Shaddah Design Studio Shaddah Design Studio
Country: KSA

Watfa Hamidaddin and Deem AlHagbani founded Shaddah Design Studio in 2015 after identifying a niche opportunity in the Saudi creative industry thirsty for Saudi talents familiar with the costumes and culture with thorough understanding of Saudi insights. As we recognise the value of being design-led with such a local touch in this global economy. We aim in participating in the growth with hopes of enriching our country. Our ideas and creativity help our clients live across different platforms by applying creative and critical thinking. We challenge the status quo and change peoples’ perceptions by create lasting brand for the future.  

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